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sex therapist|A problem many people have while having sex in French is a lack of vocabulary and phrases. While it is certainly possible to get away with. This old expression was introduced in the political slang by Raymond Barre, former French prime minister, who was considered technocrate and was pushed in the . Fille [L filia daughter] f 1. girl, daughter (usually with determiners or some other descriptive word as in ma fille my daughter or une jeune fille a young girl); 2. "Faire une partie de jambes en l'air": Literally “an up in the air legs match” or a little more accurately - “to play a session of legs in the air”, this commonly used expression has been around for a long time and for want of a better term, can be translated as "to have a bonk". “Tout ce qui l'interesse c'est une partie de jambes en.

Dirty talk is always sexy, but it can sound even sexier when you speak in another language. French is the language of love, so it makes sense to use it while you're getting frisky in the bedroom. If you don't even remember how to say, “hello” in French, that's okay, because here are the only things you need. How to Swear in French (sex) - Defonce mo la snatch - Deep fuck that pussy. The 17 dirtiest French expressions (and how to NOT use them). Travelers to France beware! These expressions are not for the faint-hearted and are provided here so you can know if you're accidentally saying the wrong thing, or if you're being talked to inappropriately. Also, they are a lot of fun!

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